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Implementing transformational wisdom for personal and professional life.

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I am Nicole,

I am a solutionist that is committed to healthy growth. Spiritually, emotionally, professionally and socially.

Why would you hire me?

1) You need help developing YOU, personally and professionally, as you develop those around you. You see the need for change. You just don't know how to get there or you need accountability in the process.

2) You need keen insight into some of your unhealthy cycles. Certain parts of your relationships (at home or work) keep on repeating themselves, and it's not the good parts and you are READY TO CHANGE.

3) You need solutions and clarity in relationships and/or the seasonal changes of life.  You need help developing boundaries at work and in play. You have situations arising in the form of relationships, (personal and/or business) and you need life skills and a trained hearing ear to;

  • Help you see things more clearly for what they really are or need a healthy relational perspective.

  • Not be afraid to face your fears, disappointments, failures AND the greatness of what you are designed to do.

  • Give you courage to GROW and endure.

  • Help you set goals and have accountability. 

4) You lead a team or are part of a team that has so much potential, but for whatever reason is not running smoothly or optimally. There needs to be adjustments for growth to take place. You have the question rummaging through your mind, "How do I get them/us there?" The leader in you needs developement.

5) You need spiritual mentorship and you want to grow in your relationship with God and how to be effectively led by Him. You want to learn how to hear the voice of God for yourself. In fact for some of you, you didn't even realize that was possible. You need guidance in spiritual matters and need a sounding board for situations going on around you. Either in your family, place of worship, relationships, or work. 


"To grow means being able to direct your life intentionally, in a sound mental, spiritual and emotional way as opposed to being tossed around reactively, by the unhealthy choices of others and even yourself." Nicole Kuhl

If you need help in these areas,  I can help you.

In order for both of us to see, if we are a good fit professionally for each other, please click the button below. 



"Personal development is a major time saver. The better you become the less time it takes you to achieve your goals." -  Brian Tracy

"Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not. When I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it's almost always due to personal growth."   - John C. Maxwell

"But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing."

- James of the Bible

"Our external realities reflect our internal worlds." Nicole Kuhl

"As a man thinks, so is he." King Solomon

More About Nicole

                                         Nicole Kuhl a warm, wise and effective coach. 


She is a known as a master ‘arranger’ and conductor when it comes to clarifying conversations her clients bring to her table. She has a unique ability to bring peace to chaos and solutions to the unnerved, while still moving you forward!


Relationally and organizationally, Nicole believes that everybody needs a sounding board who will kindly and yet forthrightly, help identify the blindspots/root issues to some of the fruits/behavioural patterns we see in our lives .

Nicole is a mastermind at unearthing the lies that drive her clients into dysfunctional ways of relating to themselves and others thereby stunting their growth and not being able to live their BEST LIFE YET! 

Nicole understands that as a coach, it is her job to explore the POSITIVE possibilities ahead with her clients, and move them into places where personal boundaries, mindsets and life's choices are HEALTHY.  Individually, in family life and business, you will never grow your 'world' past YOU. Your mindsets will always be the ceiling for what you create. 


 "The ability to develop new relationships and maintain old ones; being able to truly value yourself while at the same time allowing those around you the freedom to be different than you and still feel valued; the ability to balance work and play; to have the skills in life to handle stress; having an overall sense of contentment; being able to effectively handle different forms of confrontation. Not shrinking back from opportunities that will make you grow." - Nicole Kuhl


Appointments can either be in person or via Zoom Conferencing/Skype/Whatsapp Video Call, depending on client's desire/ technological availability. 

Currently serving clients in USA, UK, Colombia and South Africa. 

For prices and more information press for your desired service.  



Contact Us

*Tell me specifically and concisely as possible what you are seeking and why you are considering hiring me as your coach.




Mihali Stavlas, Husband, Father, Entrepeneur, CEO

Mellonaid, Founder EPIC

I have known Nicole for the majority of my professional career. Nicole has a remarkable ability to navigate through complex problems and arrive at simple solutions that can be implemented quickly with fast results. She is an incredible asset to have both personally and professionally as a need to unravel through high stake, life challenges, or strategic Initiatives surface. One of the greatest secrets to success that I have learned is to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you or help elevate you to new levels, Nicole has been one of those people for me. 

Maria Mendina, Daughter, Friend, Infant Teacher

Nicole has been a God given gift to me! When I started seeing her, I felt very helpless and hopeless in my life. I was in a similar place that I had been in for many years. I felt stuck, discouraged, and frustrated. Through the coaching of Nicole, God has brought an abundance of healing, growth, and direction to my life. Nicole represents a God-fearing woman to me. Her many gifts and intimate relationship with God enable her to serve others in the most powerful and impactful ways!! She’s amazing!

Talita Schutte, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Founder Breathe Collaboration,

Children's Ministry Director 

Nicole has an amazing ability to help people find their own empowering words. Sometimes as a leader, you know what you want but your ability to express it is not quite there. Nicole helps me to communicate what I need and what I want from my team in a clear and concise manner. She makes me sound like a genius.  Nicole has an acute ability to properly assess team dynamics and is able to help leaders get to underlying issues quickly and effectively to bring resolve.

Anonymous, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend. DPT

Nicole has an amazing gift of making people feel safe. This allows people to really open up and therefor get the help they need. She is a resource of tools and is really good at unlocking what those troublesome areas are. My husband and I have come so far in our communication and expectation of each other. I could not recommend anyone more than I do Nicole for marriage coaching!!

Katherine Applewhite, Wife,

Mother, Friend, Teacher.

I have been coached by Nicole for 4 years.  She pulls out the gold in me, and, at the same time, highlights the dark places and things that cause me not to be the best version of me. She is very talented like that. She has a passion for all people to live their best life yet and be in healthy relationships. She listens well and guides you to the truth about YOU, the truth about God, and the truth about circumstances. The more she calls out the truth and names the issues at hand, the less daunting the issue becomes. I gain more life each time I talk to her. I am able to help others because I am developing a healthier approach to the difficult things life can sometimes bring.  My time with Nicole has been so empowering that last year I even won Teacher of the Year Award!

Talia Alanis, Wife, Mother,

Actor, Model, Health Coach

As a health coach I always recommend Nicole, she knows how to get to the root of the emotional issues. She has great insight, wisdom and her delivery is effective and compassionate. She has helped me see my blind spots many times.

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